At Mineocity Hosting our only mission is to provide top notch, high-quality hosting, at an affordable price. Our team has been trained to recognize nearly any problem with the leading mod-packs and has played the games to understand how they work. As a result, our customers have a great experience, and have recognized us for facilitating it.

I have nothing but good things to say about the support at Mineocity Hosting, and the quality of the service you offer. All requests and changes are handled quickly and smoothly, and any unannounced interruptions of service have gone unnoticed. Excellent work!

Jeremy C. - The Square Miner (1/6/2014)

I would strongly recomend them as a hosting site if you have a small group, or a large group. It's a great way to get together in minecraft with friends, the servers are well maintained, and no one has to leave the computer on all the time to worry about the world being accessed.

Angie - MinecraftForum (3/3/2014)

As Owner of 3 Server inside the Mineocity Hosting company I'm very please in the service and the support this company give to SupremeCraft. I started with 1 FTB server in the host, but faster i saw how the difference between hosts was. In Mineocity the support with tickets and human quality is way Stronger than in other hosts i have try before.

Kate Alfaro - SupremeCraft (1/14/2014)

The servers themselves are great, no lag, easy FTP file access for backups all around just great. The support staff is incredibly helpful and went above and beyond my expectations any time I had an issue. All in all, I give you guys a 10/10.

gorfiend22594 - MinecraftForum (3/1/2014)

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